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Private Client & Immigration

One of our main areas of focus is private client orientated. We provide advice over a broad spectrum of matters and guide our clients through the application procedures of a multitude of government Ministries, departments, agencies and policy bodies. Our expertise in such matters is unparalleled, and includes all the areas listed below.

Bahamas Investment Authority & Office of the Prime Minister

  • Certificate of Registration.
  • Permit.
  • National Economic Council applications.
  • Industries Encouragement Act and Hotels Encouragement Act applications.
  • Bahamas Environment Science & Technology Commission (BEST) applications.

Central Bank of the Bahamas

  • B$ and US$ Bank Account Openings.
  • Share Issuance/Share Purchase Approvals.
  • Approved Investment Status with respect to Real Estate Purchases.
  • Foreign Currency Loan Approvals.

National Insurance Board

  • Employee and Employer NIB Registration.


  • Work Permit applications and Annual Renewals.
  • Spousal Permits.
  • Permanent Residency applications (Economic, Right to Work in Own Business, Unrestricted Right to Work).
  • Annual Residency applications and Annual Renewals.
  • Annual Homeowners Card applications and Annual Renewals.
  • Applications for Bahamian citizenship or naturalization.

Real Property Tax/Business License Department

  • Declaration of Property.
  • Guidance on outstanding property tax and rate schedule.
  • Business License Application.
  • Temporary Business License Application.
#1 Old Fort Bay Town Centre, New Providence, The Bahamas


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